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At Avalon Mall, we are committed to being an environmentally-responsible shopping center. We have worked diligently to offer a variety of services and resources to the stores and staff within the center, and are constantly looking for ways to improve. Our efforts to reduce waste, conserve water and energy, and improve overall procedures have been recognized by the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Newfoundland and Labrador with the receipt of our Level 2 BOMA BESt (Building Environmental Standards) certification and the 2012 Earth Award - Shopping Centre. We are the first shopping center within the province to receive either accreditation. In May of 2013, we also received the BOMA NL Award of Excellence - Shopping Centre for our continued efforts.

Along with the constant improvements to our facility and practices aimed at furthering our environmental sustainability, we ask that you participate in our endeavor to be a green shopping centre. There are several waste and recycling receptacles located throughout the mall. When disposing of your refuse, please consider which bin your item should be placed. Trash, paper, and bottles/cans can be disposed separately to help minimize our impact on the landfills. When visiting our retailers, we encourage you to use re-usable shopping bags. Extra large Avalon Mall bags can be purchased from our Customer Service Centre. Finally, please consider the o-zone when you are waiting in your car. Avalon Mall is now an idle-free zone. 

We hope you will join us as we work to become an eco-leader within the shopping center industry.



Avalon Mall has EV (electric vehicle) parking and charging stations in the parking garage, and parkade. There are 8 spots in total: 2 in the underground parking lot, and 2 each on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors of the parking garage.

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