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Back-to-School Essentials at Avalon Mall: A Guide for Every Grade

Back-to-school season is here at Avalon Mall! Whether your child is stepping into their first year of kindergarten or they’re gearing up for high school, Avalon Mall has you covered with a guide to the essentials tailored for each grade level. Join us as we explore the must-haves that will help your child succeed this school year!

Kindergarten-Grade 3

Get ready to embrace the early learning years with gear that is practical and fun for the youngest learners in the school! Our essentials for this phase include:

  • Non-marking sole shoes: Active children need the perfect pair of indoor sneakers to explore the school. Opt for sneakers with non-marking soles to keep indoor floors clean while offering the comfort and support your child needs.
  • Matching lunchbox and bookbag: Encourage your child’s excitement for school with a fun lunch bag and bookbag combo decked out with their favourite character or design. 
  • Container set: Make recess and lunchtime a breeze with easy-to-open containers so your child can gain independence without struggling with tricky packaging.

Grade 4-6

Moving into the upper elementary grades calls for a blend of functional items and ones for personal expression! Our essentials for this phase include:

  • Indoor sneakers: Comfortable footwear remains a staple as your child continues on their academic journey. Opt for age-appropriate footwear that is both stylish and adapts to their growing needs. 
  • Fun stationery: Make note taking and homework enjoyable with fun stationary that reflects your child’s personal interests! Avalon Mall has options for everyone from beloved characters like Sonic the Hedgehog to adorable patterns and prints. 
  • Mix-and-Match Clothing: Versatile clothing options and easy-to-pick separates makes getting dressed in the morning simple. Choose classic basics that go with everything so your child can choose coordinated outfits independently!

Grade 7-9

Equip your child for success against any of the hurdles that come their way! Our essentials for this phase include:

  • Sturdy bookbag: Transitioning to the demands of middle school call for a sturdy, functional bookbag that can carry heavy textbooks and extracurricular gear. Ergonomic design, reinforced straps, and inside pocket organization and key features to equip your child for success. 
  • Athletic wear for gym class: Separate gym clothes are a must when moving into middle school. Avalon Mall offers activewear that caters to the demands of phys ed. class while also letting children showcase their personal style. From fun leggings and matching sets to sports-themed tees and shorts, there is something for every child. 
  • Locker accessories: Locker accessories are the perfect way for kids to express their personality while upgrading their lockers’ functionality. Mirror for in-between-class touchups, containers for additional storage, and hanging organizers help maximize the small storage space they have.

High School

Help your high schooler excel by setting them up with the tools for success! Our essentials for this phase include:

  • Planner: High school students are juggling different classes, assignments, extracurriculars, activities and more. Help them stay on track with a planner so they can stay on top of everything and manage their time effectively. 
  • Calculator: Depending on their math and science course load, a graphing or scientific calculator is likely required for them to get the most out of their class. Check your school supply list for the specific model needed and check into Avalon Mall to browse available options. 
  • Reusable Water Bottle: It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. A reusable water bottle is an eco-friendly choice that allows high schoolers to express themselves by picking up one in their favourite colour or decorating it with stickers that reflect their personality and interests.

As you gear up for the next school season, remember that each grade level brings its own set of exciting opportunities! With the right essentials by their side, every child can confidently walk into the next school year ready for growth, learning, and success!

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